Magic Yeti Children’s Libraries

The April 25th, 2015 mega earthquake in Nepal has affected every one of the villages where we have children’s libraries. Our hearts are with our friends and colleagues all over Nepal. One of our libraries has been flattened, while the others have suffered much damage. The buildings will need to be rebuilt and repaired. In the immediate term, we’ve put together a team of Nepali and foreign volunteers from all over the world to address the needs of the people in the most hardest hit communities in Nepal. This team is working with Kathmandu Living Labs to get the most reliable local information about the remote communities that need basic shelter for their people. We are moving tarps, tents and blankets from India, Hong Kong and the USA to Nepal through the help of aid organizations and volunteers around the world willing to bring these supplies into the country as part of the checked baggage. We’ve created a person-to-person giving network to get these urgently-needed supplies to Nepal and out to the remote villages that are currently blank spots on the aid map.
We’re also raising money for our longer-term mission of helping to rebuild the community centers and schools where our Magic Yeti Children’s libraries are housed. As soon as our immediate mission of getting tarps and tents out to the tens of thousands of homeless people left to sleep out in the open in the oncoming monsoon, we will turn our attention back to the villages where we are committed to help bring increased literacy to families and loved-ones. Any help you can provide will be appreciated and we thank you for all of your support during these heartbreaking times. Please use the donate button in the lower right to contribute.

— Liesl Clark
Director, Magic Yeti Children’s Libraries